Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joint pain and aching muscles

Never under estimate the value of joint pain and aching muscles. It signifies a job well done in my book.
Handpainting this logo took a good 10 hours.
The floors took three days, 4 mops and a workout for muscles I didn't even know existed.
I was so tired I fell asleep during my favorite show "The Rachel Zoe Project" - the season finale no less ( five episodes? What's up with that? ). Finally I get to seal them tomorrow. YAY ( said in a very tired manner ).


design nomad said...

I hurt just thinking about being bent over for hours painting that logo-awesome job you've done. You deserve a good spa massage!

please sir said...

I agree - looks great - nice job!

Paul Pincus said...

looking amazing!

ps re: rz, they're running that last episode over and over. it's a classic! i can't believe i typed that : )

I *Heart* You said...

the logo is killer. i adore your tagline too! sorry for the aches and pains but your labor of love is lovely. :)


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