Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change is good.

My good friend always says "Change is good". So I am going to use that to introduce our new blog and let you know that this will be the last post here at Project Ecoart.

On to bigger and better things at our new home.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

DIY Monday - Union Jack Pillow

My addiction to reverse applique seems to be shared by many and Trust Your Style is one of them. Check out her DIY Union Jack pillow here.

We'll be sharing our own DIY projects soon, so until then please enjoy the creativity of all the wonderful crafters out there ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fab Felting

I just love this fabulous felted vest over at Atlantis Home.
What a chic way to recycle wool sweaters.
We have our own way of recycling wool sweaters at Revolution Malibu. 
Our beanie design is the most popular. We use all recycled, felted sweaters and recycled leather 
( crosses, skulls, fleur de lis etc... ) and vintage studs.

Everything we do at Revolution Malibu is based on recycling, handmade, eco friendly and local products. I love seeing what others are doing with recycled materials. The Alabama Stitch Book is my favorite source for ideas for recycling t-shirts. Below are some of the designs we have done based on the techniques from the book. Our efforts were even recognized by designer Natalie Chanin who included a picture of our work on her blog.

This is a completely redesigned ( we make our own patterns )recycled t-shirt with reverse applique and vintage studs.

One of my favorite projects is the skirt in the Alabama Stitch Book. I've done a few versions of it including circles, and now skulls...

This the Alabama Chanin version...

This is my version...

Being so close to the beach we have a recycled t-shirt bikini top that's perfect for strolling around town with a pair of cutt-off levi shorts.

Ready to cut it up?

Monday, January 19, 2009

DIY Monday - Ripped tights

I'm going to start off our first DIY by linking you to a blog I found via Garance Dore.

The directions for these ultra sexy looking tights are here.

Mine already have a great start from my Harley motorcycle boots so the rest should be easy ;)

Send me pics ladies...I would love to see how yours came out!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Smokin hot

The hot weather brings out the best of neighborhood and Malibu local Tommy Flanagan is no exception.
He's the actor you know from "Smokin' Ace's" and FX's "Son's Of Anarchy" and not to mention a friend of my partner Melissa - who you finally get to meet here in this picture we took today with Tommy. 
I wonder who else is going to make an appearance!

Cuff Love

Cuffs are our "statement" pieces at Revolution Malibu. These are from our new collection made with recycled leather, vintage studs and pieces of vintage jewelry, then topped off with a healthy serving of feathers.

We call them "Pretty N Punk".

Peacock...This was the first one I made. 

Purple feathers and "found" pieces ( a big filigree earring that lost it's mate and a small silver skull with similar circumstances ).

I call this "Can Can" because It reminds me of the Folies Bergeres for some reason.

Today I'm wearing mine ( the peacock one ) with my vintage re-designed Van Halen t-shirt, "boyfriend jeans", new Doc Marten lace-ups with roses ( a recent gift from my husband Dave - just because ;), a dainty skull necklace with black diamond eyes ( we had these special made for our store ) and a rockin' one of a kind celtic cross belt with hand distressed strap ( that will be the new DIY we'll be doing weekly ).

A self portrait with my t-shirt...I am short of extra hands this morning for the full size

Black diamond skull...

My new Docs....

and my celtic cross belt with distressed strap.

Stay tuned for our new weekly DIY!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Opening new doors...

I am never really surprised by the constant stream of fabulously tattooed and skull encrusted rock n roll types that flow our little community - but every once and a while I am given a little jolt of how many amazing artists I actually come in contact with, through our wonderful little piece of heaven called Revolution Malibu. Our little retail establishment that isn't even really open yet has opened quite a few doors already, including a real "Door" in the form of John Densmore the drummer for "The Doors" . We were graced with his presence last Friday night when he strolled in to see what we were all about and ended up leaving with one of our fabulous one of a king tuxedo jackets that he told us he will be wearing to the Grammy's!!!!!

John and his band members in the sixties.

Malibu local John Densmore today.

and voila...a tuxedo jacket very close to the one Mr. Densmore will be wearing on the Grammys.

The dude's got style ;)


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