Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I was reluctant to use my 200th post to shame my neighbors...but after doing some holiday shopping at their shop CLOUT , I was leaning over their counter and was shocked to see MY PICTURE, ( duplicated what looked like a thousand times ) as their "wallpaper"on their 24 inch computer monitor....

So now I am their personal bullseye and they don't even respond to my tag?????

I think not boys - at least not without some cyber retaliation ;)

Let's start with the one who has dug the biggest hole ( in my opinion ).

Jeff - This kid is sooooo brilliant and creative but has some serious writer's block. He's the one in charge of the blog - what little bit of blog there is. However, we are grateful to him for enlightening us on the "tao of silk screening". At least he's good for something...

Ahhhhh, this is the boss, the guy in charge.This is Craig. I know I need to shame him for something...just not sure what yet.
The consequences for shaming the boss? I will most likely end up in the card aisle at CVS ( or Ralph's if it's before 7 a.m. ) and stick a Starbucks card inside that card. Usually it's an "I'm sorry" , or a "thank you". Nothing scandalous... - I do have to be very careful not to piss him off though because, the last time I did that I lost 6 lbs. and did not sleep for a week ( true story ).

Jonny is just a pretty boy - and that's plenty to be ashamed of - especially since he's about to be in a layout in Vogue magazine. I don't think I'll ever talk to him again after that comes out ;)

I'm finished for now. Tomorrow I may have to add a couple of others to this wall of shame.

Keep in mind, this is really all in good, naughty, unedited fun...

BTW - boys next door - please replace the wallpaper photo on your monitor with the unedited version.


Scratch'd_Vinyl said...

Nice post mom.
I love you.
Hope you have a great day at the shop.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 200 posts!

Mrs.French said...

everything must be going swimmingly...it has been too long...I am sure the cute neighbor boys make the days go so much faster...xo t


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