Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calling all bloggers!

I desperately need help figuring out how to separate window merchandising space from store space.

* Keep in mind the market sign and the writing on the window will be gone soon.
Try to see beyond that if possible.
I don't want customers to be able to see inside the store, I want them to focus on the displays. Think Anthropologie - think art installations.

See the ceiling? That's going to b gone ( thank gawd ). It's going to look industrial with hanging light fixtures - again, vintage and industiral looking.

Now since the ceiling goes so high, I hav to think of some way to either suspend curtains creatively - that's one way to hide the rest of the store and create "a stage"...hmmm maybe that's it! Create a stage.

A rock n roll stage. Any ideas?

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Sharon said...

hey there, love your blog!oh and how exciting that you're opening up a store:)
how about making use of vintage tables "on a stage!!"(the kind with tons of drawers) to artfully display the little things & make use of lighting(selling any lampshades?) for mis-en-scene, a huge ceramic pot with decorated branches as hangers, and hang beaded or beautiful curtains as backdrop? or even, construct a wall-art(which can be personalized and re-done over and over again)
however, i do like the idea of being able to lean over and peep through the large window displays to see more stunning stuffs inside^^
Btw, what's the name?


Project Ecoart