Thursday, September 4, 2008

Turning the Paige

For those of you who have visited me since the beginning of this blog, you know that I am a fan of swimsuit designer Ashley Paige. You also may have seen these pics below are from the '06 season. My absolute fave.
I am looking to incorporate this look for Fall at the shop ( Revolution Malibu ). Here are some of my thoughts based on her designs.

These handpainted boots are bitchin...must have.

Diggin' the reindeer. Could be done on a long sleeve t. We get warm weather here up until Thanksgiving so the tank with the bathing suit top underneath might have to stick around a while too. The bathing suit top would even look cool under the long sleeve t. Needs some vintage studs though. I'm a stud girl.

Really, really diggin this pic. I love the bandana and the long sleeve.Too cute for words. The necklace is hot too. Soooo much can be done with this look
I'll update later, my almost 18 year old son is talking my ear off about a 1970 mustang he wants for his ( 18th b-day ) next month. HEEEEEEELLLLLP!

Travis at one...

Travis now...almost 18!


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RiverMist said...

yI'm liki' the native americna inspiration


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