Monday, September 1, 2008

All white on a gray day

Today is cool and overcast and we might actually get a little rain this Labor Day. So I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to paint all of my furniture white.

Yup, shabby chic white, distressed, beachy and feminine.

I am unashamed of the fact that it is easy, clean looking and very calming. I wanted to be daring and add color everywhere - but since I work with so many colors and textures all day long ( and will be very stimulated at the store as well - when we open ). I need a very calming peaceful environment to relax in. The only way to do that is paint everything white.

P.S. How lucky am I that my husband is all for it? :)

Below are pics from Whoopi Goldberg's house here in Malibu ( Broad Beach ) and Pam Anderson's old house in the Colony ( before she moved back in with Tommy Lee back in May ).

Obviously I am in good company with this look.

Photos courtesy Of Bountiful Home


MIMILEE said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I did go to wikipedia and read about your dad! Wow! He must have been a very talented and unique individual. That is so amazing.

I will enjoy visiting your blog!
I am glad to know I didn't do anything illegal! LOL
Best Regards,

MIMILEE said...

THIS was candy to my eyes too!!
I love, love all these wonderful photos of white rooms! So CLEAN!
We are having a gray day here too in ALabama!

Thanks for the refreshing and lovely decorating ideas! Super!


corine @ Hidden In France said...

I'm the same way. I love color more than anything, yet my house is mostly white. Love Shabby Chic. It doesn't get old.

Design by E said...

hi i love the pictures and you have a really nice blog hope its ok if l link you at my blog..see you Elizabetth from Sweden

Michele said...

Blue seltzer bottles--how did they become so de rigueur? A wine bar (where I was the brunch cook) had them, and now I see them everywhere I turn.



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