Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blush. Blush.

Update: 7:41 a.m.
My Mac at the shop is by far more capable than the one I have at home... Here are the links to the blogs I mentioned below... ENJOY!!!

Pretty.Little.World. ( - I just converted to MAC and there is no hyperlink - WTF? )  just voted me one of her fave blogs...she was tagged and tagged me along with her asking me to post " six unimportant thing that make me happy "...

That's alot to think about...
If something makes me happy, doesn't that mean it's important?

Nevertheless, this makes me feel especially good since I have been exhausted getting the shop together for the grand opening in time for Christmas, and haven't had the time to post.
I am definitely motivated to post more now - especially by this very sweet jesture -  even though I may have to start posting at 4 a.m. !

Also - another shout out to Elisa over at Design Nomad ( ) - she was worried about me since I hadn't posted since election day.

Don't worry about me my little pretties - I am surrounded by beauty - check out the neighbor boys at ( click on the blog link and go through all of the pages - there are only four but you don't want to miss anyone of these guys ;) - muy caliente - and will most certainly make my top six list!

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dolcechic said...

Sister, I am so happy you're back! I've missed you!!!'ve received another award on my blog. Congrats :)


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