Friday, January 16, 2009

Cuff Love

Cuffs are our "statement" pieces at Revolution Malibu. These are from our new collection made with recycled leather, vintage studs and pieces of vintage jewelry, then topped off with a healthy serving of feathers.

We call them "Pretty N Punk".

Peacock...This was the first one I made. 

Purple feathers and "found" pieces ( a big filigree earring that lost it's mate and a small silver skull with similar circumstances ).

I call this "Can Can" because It reminds me of the Folies Bergeres for some reason.

Today I'm wearing mine ( the peacock one ) with my vintage re-designed Van Halen t-shirt, "boyfriend jeans", new Doc Marten lace-ups with roses ( a recent gift from my husband Dave - just because ;), a dainty skull necklace with black diamond eyes ( we had these special made for our store ) and a rockin' one of a kind celtic cross belt with hand distressed strap ( that will be the new DIY we'll be doing weekly ).

A self portrait with my t-shirt...I am short of extra hands this morning for the full size

Black diamond skull...

My new Docs....

and my celtic cross belt with distressed strap.

Stay tuned for our new weekly DIY!

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please sir said...

Wow - love all these accessories!


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