Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live...from the Malibu Chili Cook-off

Updated Aug. 31, 2008

Well not really live...but close. Here are some pics from today at the Chili Cook-off. I finally got to have my beer and chili.

The Michael Craig Band - incredibly talented local kids. They sound like The Dave Matthews Band. AMAZING. Check out their music.

Me and the hubby. We parked at Ralph's in the Colony and rode our beach cruisers over to the the cook-off.

Malibu fashion - yes even at the chili cook-off it's important to keep up appearances. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton everywhere. It was exhausting just looking at all these girls trying to out-do each other.

Leaza and her friends

We took a break from the cook-off and rode our bikes down to the pier to have a few cocktails at the Beachcomber. Then we decided to go back to the cook-off and watch more music.

All in all a very fun day :)


~alison said...

Oooh - That sounds like fun! Was the chili good?

MIMILEE said...

Looks like fun to me! I love chili! Glad I found your blog. Did you know you have a twin? You look so much like my niece.....really!

Have a great Labor Day!

Regards from ALABAMA!

corine @ Hidden In France said...

I was there! Though not the first night, which is the 'right ' night and the only night that matters, but which I find intimidating.


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