Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bag the plastic...FOR GOOD

I just received this announcement from the Natalie at "Heal The Bay" hoping we could round up the support and get this initiative passed.

If signed into law, AB 2058 (Levine) Plastic Bag Waste Reduction Act would require large grocery chains and pharmacies statewide to charge a 25-cent cent fee on single-use plastic and paper bags if a 70% reduction in bag usage is not achieved by the end of 2010. You can help make this pass!

Similar policies in other countries such as Ireland have been extremely successful and resulted in reductions upwards of 90%.

Having consulted closely with the bill’s authors for the past few months, Heal the Bay is very hopeful that the Assembly will pass the measure on Monday, June 23, as it tackles one of the worst sources of marine debris.Please help us make a difference! Complete the attached with your information, sign then FAX back the attached to (310)496-1902.

Please do this as soon as you can.
***email me at for the sample business letter to fax.

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