Saturday, June 28, 2008

Even Warren Buffet might need these guys...

I don't care if you are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett. Chances ( 79% ) are you have errors on your credit report. My husband and I have been in the process of refinancing ( like many of other Americans ) and I can tell you it was mind blowing to see the sheer negligence of the creditors and the bureaus. I have tried to correct these errors on my own for the past two years.

Duplicate accounts ( one bank reported a credit line twice, a credit card company upgraded our cards and reported two cards open etc... ) and other negligent, incorrect items were on both of our reports. Our mortgage broker reviewed both reports and referred us to Real Results Credit. After two years of being frustrated with no results ( no pun intended ) I was happy to be referred to someone that really helped ( not some scam promising - but never delivering ). These people really did what they said they were going to do and they didn't waste time. That's why I am writing about them.

I'm also excited because they just started a new blog, informing the public on how they can take charge of their credit instead of being held hostage by the creditors and the bureaus.

The information is very informative - but I have to tell you it was much better to just let them do it for me. They have fought the same battles before and are much better at it than I could be. After spending two years trying to get some place with these companies, it was just too much stress ( aside from work and kids etc... ).

I am happy to say that we are credit issue free and we have the credit monitoring service to stay on top of any error that may pop up. I can relax :)

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