Friday, June 20, 2008

DIY Updates

I have started the my version of the Alabama Chanin circle skirt with the pattern from their Alabama Stitch Book.

These skirts are time consuming, but you get a sense of real accomplishment when it's done. Not to mention the compliments don't hurt either. These skirts a every bit as comfortable as a pair of sweats - yet fashionable, elegant and fun. Stitcher beware: these projects are very addicting!

Remember the necklace on Margherita Missoni's wall a few posts back? I have begun playing with my own version. The chain is from a box of junk jewelry I bought off Ebay. Sometimes you get great stuff and sometimes you don't. It's a crap shoot. I lucked out so far. The fabric I zigzagged is - whatelse - left over scraps from the Alabama Stitch Book projects. The green studs I had left over from another project and the piece in the center was an earring. I am still in progress with this and I am wondering if I should make these "medallions" detachable in some way. Any suggestions?

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