Monday, June 30, 2008

So Free City Malibu is...

As I have said in my earlier posts, Malibu is ageless especially when it comes to style. We like comfort with some rock n roll, some easiness yet hip, a little artsy with attitude. Most of all we don't like to try hard too hard. Free City definitely defines all of those things.

Nina Garduno developed Free City. She is, last I heard, the V.P. of Ron Herman's men's division. I worked with her years ago at Fred Segal Melrose ( a good 12 years after Max Azria ) and she is brilliant when it comes to recognizing how to combine comfort with chic, or couture with comfort - whichever suits you best. Remember those crazy expensive vintage rock t-shirts studded with crystals ( $700+ each )? That was Nina's fashion forwardness. What about those distressed revamped, restudded Levi's and cargos all the celebrities were wearing - remember those? Yep, that was Nina too.

Vogue magazine noticed her saaviness and voted FREE CITY as one of the " 7 Essentials". The New York Times wrote a great article called "800 Very Unsquare Feet".They're not kidding either - it's really a rectangle. Although i don't think they were talking about the shape - just the hipness of it all.

Personally, I love the shop even more than clothes. It's a really magical space. The energy is different - amazingly creative. Like nothing I have ever seen. Don't expect Fred Segal, this shop is nothing like it. No nightclub atmosphere with blaring techno. Just cool, unpretentious and artsy. The vibe fits in very well Malibu. The theme lends itself to the indian spirit - unique concept especially since Malibu was founded by the Chumash Indians. I am not sure Nina meant it to be that way, but that is largely what gives it it's mystical air...almost like paying respect to the past...All I can is it's very cool and if you get out here you must visit the store. Meanwhile you can shop online here.

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