Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking good at any age

Living by the beach in California ( especially Malibu ) doesn't exaclty give one a real perspective dressing your age. Everyone wears jeans, rock n roll t's, Free City sweats etc... So when I look at the pages of Vogue and Bazaar and they show outfits they expect a woman in her 40's to wear, most of the time I gasp! Only because I don't really have use for a Chanel suit ( although if I had to dress up I would wear it with a tank, great necklace and high heels ). I am starting to understand a little more about dressing your age, especially when I was in Mexico this weekend and an older male friend of ours told me how "elegant" I looked in my Alabama Stitch Book skirt I just made ( I wore it with a great necklace, black v-neck t and high heels ). So I guess I have a new appreciation for at least attempting to look more my age (43 - in California age 33 :)

Here are a few of the images and styles I have collected over the years from Elle, Vogue, Bazaar and the like, that I believe have no age - at least on the left coast!

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