Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Interior inspiration and aspirations

My home is a work in progress that I am planning on sharing with you at Project Ecolife. No big Malibu design budget here. All the faux finish work, sewing, thrifting etc...is done by me. The only thing bought new are the electronics, the butcher block island...oh yeah - the beds too.
All the furniture, including my very expensive authentic Shabby Chic couch and ottoman were bought second hand ( new $5000 for both - Craigslist $800 for both ). One more thing was bought new...the leather chair in the living room. My husband bought that before were together so I take no responsiblity for that purchase. But I thought I should be honest at least.

My favorite designer is Lynn von Kersting. She owns the famous restaurant ( stalked endlessly by paparazzi ) "The Ivy" on Robertson Blvd. and her design shop next door called "Indigo Seas". My inspiration comes from photos I have collected of her work and her book "La Strada della Dolce Vita" which came out last year to the delight of all of her fans.
Keep checking for updates here.

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Cote de Texas said...

HI - thanks for the comment!! did you ever read my blog on Lynn V Kersting? she was one of my favorite 10 designers - check it out - you might love it!!!



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