Saturday, June 21, 2008

The House of designated drivers

Here's the good news about having teens...when they become of age, they want to drive - everywhere - so our answer is :

Parent: "Wanna drive? "

Teen: "Yeah!"

Parent: " Cool. Drive us out to Latigo Kid" ( fabulous margaritas and mexican food in Agoura )

Teen: " AAAAAAAAH! " ( not the good kind of "aaaaaah" )

that's my kind of payback for all of those tantrums :)

Tonight's featured driver is ...Leaza. The youngest who I did not have the pleasure of giving birth to, like the other natural blond in the family, Corey. These are my "Brady Bunch" two. The two dark headed ones are exclusively of my DNA.

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Mélanie said...

My sister just got her license but she never wants to drive me when I want to go out and drink


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