Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old School

For all of us who love the Alabama Stitch Book, we developed our love for this style from the original couture line "Project Alabama". Here, I've posted a few pics found in various places ( Ebay mostly ) that were part of the original company that Natalie Chanin founded. This insipration in not to be confused with the new Project Alabama. Use this inspiration to guide you through new projects you make the the Alabama Stitch Book. Happy sewing!!!


bettyninja said...

great inspiration grouping

COMPAI said...

Hey ProjectEco-art! Yes! Compai is on the west-coast for the Eco-fair in Venice and we will be hanging out in LA for a bit if you'd like to meet up!
shout out to
Justina for Compai

cake or something like that said...

Oh God I love Project Alabama so much


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