Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Biggest Social Event of the Year

I kid you not folks. The Annual Chili Cook Off hosted by the Kiwanis Club is Malibu's biggest social event of the year.

We are a rural town - a beach town mind you that has some of the most famous people in the world as residents - but make no mistake, this is a rural town. ( That's Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner on the Ferris Wheel two years ago ).

We went to "opening night" last night. Please remind me not to do that again ( I live here and I still don't learn from the previous year ). We saw Brooke Burke and David Charvet ( pic below is not from the cook off - but you get the idea ) - they didn't look this happy though. I don't blame them. It's like going to opening night of the biggest blockbuster of the year. You go because everyone else is going - or if you have young kids - because you have to. Since Tatum and her boyfriend Bobby were going and Bobby's parents too ( they are loads of fun ) we decided to go anyway. Besides, my youngest Leaza was roaming around there with her friends ( as was all of Malibu High practically ). So I knew we could spy on her a little too. That's always fun ( not ).

We may go again today - this time for the actual chili and beer like I wanted to last night and never got to :( The chili doesn't start until today - and since I have memory loss year after year it seems like I have to learn my lesson all over again! Crap!

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