Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair diaries

Here is the pic that was deciding factor in Tatum's new look.

I have been saving this pic for me thinking that someday ( when I'm 60 ?) I would be able to grow my hair long. NOT POSSIBLE. I have had short since I was a kid.

Here is the pic I took in to Rudy's to get my haircut.

Now here I am after I got the chop ( below ). They do listen thankfully.

That's why she let me take her to the same place and pick out her haircut. She trusts her mom.

A battle many parents don't win. I did, thank-you -very -much. She's happy too. Win-win.


shelovesmusic said...

you just wanna it in because you were right. :(

Barbara said...


please sir said...

Love the cut - looks very similar to the pic!

please sir said...

Also just saw this and reminded me of you - I know you have been looking for display ideas -

suzannemarques said...

oooh hot stuff!!!! i love the mussed sexy short cropped do!!!

Teal Chic said...

You look just like her!


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