Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keepin' up with the Jones'

I must admit, I have always been the neighborly kind. I am the one who will knock on your door and welcome you to the neighborhood. So, of course I am getting to know who eveyone is in my new retail 'hood, and boy have I found out a wealth of information.

I introduced you to Clout the other day. They are my most friendly neighbor especially since they were gracious enough to accept my proposal to change spaces ( they were using the one I am moving into as storage and it turned out that the one next to them was available so it all worked out ).

As you get to know people, you find out information about who they are, their family etc... Most of the kids that work there are from Malibu High and I know alot of them from hanging out with my kids. One of the owners is Craig -very good looking with a fab South African accent - who runs the store. The shocker came when I found out the majority owner of Clout is Alex Von Furstenberg, son of the incredible designer Diane Von Furstenberg ( and was married to Alexandra - check out her family tree - seriously impressive ).

Call me "green" ( not the eco friendly kind in this case ), but for as long as I have lived here, and how gossipy everyone is in this town, I can't believe I am just finding this out!

Alex and his fiance Ali

We're talking about a prince ( a real one ) who's mother is one of the biggest designers of our time, and who grew up on the east coast ( Manhattan ) - owns a surf/skate shop in Malibu ???

CRAZY...but very cool.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex's fiance Ali a few times, since her design office is at the Clout location. Not only is Ali beautiful but she is very sweet!

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such a glamorous life you lead my friend...


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