Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair diaries part II

The famous Rudy's Barbershop in Santa Monica, CA.

A little better pic of Tate as I promised her I would post.

Hippie Malibu teen Leaza ( the baby of our blended family ). Her haircut is next. They start school next week after the biggest Malibu event: The Chili Cookoff! Yay! Everybody is really excited.


I *Heart* You said...

Tate looks like a bad ass. I love that look. If I didn't have a double cowlick on either side of my forehead I would want that exact same haircut.

shelovesmusic said...

posted a new blog but for some reason it put the date as "august 22" or something. so look underneath the pic of us...
wuv u.

Mrs.French said...

pretty girls...I am heading out today for a cut...I am thinking bangs...we'll see. Chances are I will chicken out.

please sir said...

Oh yum Chili - sounds good!


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