Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Era

Going back into retail is a scary proposition even to the most experienced in this industry. This a full time job - and then some. The "and then some " for me is also the fact that I manufacture almost all of the goods I will be carrying at Revolution Malibu.

The lease is signed and now the demo is in progress.

The front of the store

Todd doing some work on the space.

My neighbors CLOUT RIDESHOP ( owned by Alex Von Furstenburg - Diane's son ).

View of PCH ( I'll take better ones - this does not do it justice ). Just beyod the palm trees is Zuma Beach. The deck upstairs with the umbrellas is SPRUZZO, a really great italian restaurant and that balcony has a great view of the beach.

Input on decor is all are soo talented and I love hearing your ideas!


please sir said...

Looks like a great start!

Mrs.French said...

How exciting! I can't wait to watch the progress through your blog. I want to see everything.


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