Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The basketball diaries...

Kevin Garnett and his wife Brandi...

Our new retail space is located a stone's throw from "The Barrel" wine bar in the Colony. I was having a meeting with one of my new partners
( he is a former pro basketball player ), and as we are talking, Kevin Garnett
( Celtics player and now world champion ), strolls up to The Barrel with his gorgeous wife Brandi to enjoy some afternoon nosh and such.

We go on with our meeting and after Kevin and his wife leave, we decide that we should continue our meeting at The Barrel. ( FYI the reason we didn't go there while Kevin and his wife were there was because we knew that being summer there would be a few tourists/fans that would eventually disturb them and subsequently our meeting and it turns out we were right )

As we are talking and then enjoying some conversation with the chef, a lovely lady named Mrs. Sterling joins the conversation. Mrs. Sterling and her husband own the other basketball team in town, the L.A. Clippers.

What kind of crazy energy is that in one hour?

The lovely Mrs. Sterling

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