Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sewing circle chic

What a delightful morning it is when you can wake up up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and stumble upon these amazing photos ( while skipping over EXXON's record breaking oil profits ) of Amisha's Alabama Chanin Workshop adventure. This a very chic version of the old school sewing circle.

For those of you who are big fans of Alabama Chanin ( Natalie Chanin founded Project Alabama but is no longer involved in that company and went on to start this one ), you can imagine what a treat it was to see this experience first hand and feel like you actually took part in the process ) these workshops are upwards of $1000 ).


Mrs.French said...

but I am so sure it is worth the $ for the experience...wonderful!

please sir said...

I love this idea - and her too!

please sir said...

Did I tell you I met her? She actually went to my university in NC - weird right? She did a lecture one day - it was amazing.

blue moss said...

great pics--thanks for sharing!


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