Thursday, July 3, 2008

Buddist inspires Bijou

OMG these bracelets by Shamballa Jewels are gorgeous - oh and pricey too. Probably not ethically harvested, green, eco friendly or any of those things. Not judging, just stating. They are -"inspired by all places where Buddha left his footprint" ( according to the designers as told to Vogue Magazine ). That's nice. If I had $14,000 to blow on jewelry, I might actually take a quick ride over to Maxfield ( you thought Fred Segal was pricey? Hah! ) and break out my change purse. Alas, that will not happen. Anyone know how to crochet some seriously thick thread? If you do, I know the way to the jewelry mart for the rest. They wont be "mongolian rose cut diamonds" ( that doesn't even sound legal ) but then again I'm sure Buddha won't mind...

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