Saturday, July 12, 2008

The many faces of me

I have many different aspects to my life and blogging has become a great way to express that - like it has for many of you.

Project Ecoart ( this blog ) is a way for me to express the artistic side of me, Project Ecolife is the domestic, DIY side of me. I write alot about projects to do around the house, great recipes and ways to save time and money. I also try to find good info on how to look at the positive side of the current economy. The times we are experiencing right now are bringing us to a simpler way of life and I am enjoying the process ( at least some of it anyway ), so I am happy to share it with you. Today's post is about how to make your own wedding cake - a pricey expense for anyone about to take the plunge, and I found step by step instruction to make a gorgeous cake. Share it with all your marrying friends.

My other blog is Nouveau Eco which demonstrates "how to keep up with the Jones' " even though your just trying to keep up. Anyone can appear to be successful. Once you master that, you will attract more successful people in your life. It's all about the energy. Nouveau Eco shows you how to live the rich life while saving the green. Today's post is about trade secrets in the world of home decor.

So remember that the buck doesn't just stop here, it stops here and here too!

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