Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Loving you think Hilary would?

J'adore Lucien Pellat-Finet. Most of all, I love his fascination with skulls. Never overdone, just the right amount of refined rock n roll. Ladylike with a twist.

Now here's my answer to skulls...

The ever popular ( truly - not joking )skull belt buckle. Can you imagine Hilary sporting this baby? ( I can't see her sporting Lucien's pot leaf either for that matter ).... Bad example. Let's move on, shall we? Can you imagine Michele Obama wearing one of these? Hmmm maybe, after all she does do the "fist bump"... O.k. never mind. NEXT -

How about some edgy dinner conversation with this coaster ( also does double duty as a candle tile )...

Is there a "Miss Manners" charm school for artists like me?

I think not. Oh well, can't teach a dog new tricks at this point. I'll just keep on keepin it real and leave the pedigreed to Pellat-Finet!

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Paul Pincus said...

cool post AND weblog. cheers to you ; )


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