Monday, July 7, 2008

Can Carrie's outfit inspire recycled couture?

Who isn't a fan of the fashion on Sex And The City? No doubt everyone would be sporting the same styles Carrie did if they could afford least back then.

Times have changes and so have our ethics.

Can we still achieve the same fashionista look without comprimising the planet?

I say yes. While perusing the internet today I happened upon these pictures ( from the series, not the movie ).


Could I construct these outfits ( similar ) in eco couture fashion? Could I handmake these chic pieces using my Alabama Stitch Book and a little tracing on some butcher paper ( of a long, lightweight coat I have )? Yes, I think I can and actually, with a few slight changes and additional inspiration from the '06 Project Alabama collection, I may be on to something.


How about the flower pin?

Gotcha covered.

Ready for the challege?
Consider it done!


bettyninja said...

Loving that blue dress...

Mrs.French said...

Oh yay! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Oh and could she look any more perfect in that blue number? Nope, don't think so!

I *Heart* You said...

i second the love for the blue dress. and the sweater jacket. to die.


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