Saturday, July 19, 2008

If only the lounge chair could talk...

My fave thrift store is located right here in Malibu. Some of the funkiest things show up there from time to time - including a Golden Globe award or two, maybe even an Emmy. I have yet to see an Oscar.

I am also a garage sale junky as you can imagine. When I moved to Malibu, I was worried my thrifting would be cut down to a minimum. I was so wrong. There is a plethora of incredible things to be thrifted in this town. I found a vintage Gucci travel bag in perfect condition for $50 ( would have been $250 on Ebay ), lots of designer clothes for pennies on the dollar, but my biggest score to date is my fabulous find from yesterday - one of Pam Anderson's lounge chairs. See the chairs above with the linen chair pads? I got the shabby chic style wood lounge ( painted white and distressed ) with the pad - which will be washed - maybe even a couple of times - not just once - and for a song!
Oh, if only this lounge chair could share what it knows.

Pam did some major purging when she decided to shack up with Tommy Lee again. did a story on her garage sale ( I can't believe I missed out on that one ! ) - and come to find out, the garage sale was just a teaser to her getting rid of everything.

I was blown away when I heard she was selling everything and moving in with Tommy Lee because she had quite the collection of wonderful furniture and china, mostly purchased from a very expensive store in Venice called Bountiful ( pics below ). Why wouldn't they just blend what they had? Or why not keep it in storage - isn't she famous for frequent change - in men and homes? It just seemed a little strange - although that's just par for the course (for her ), I guess.

Never the less, I scored. Paid only $40 ( and I know she paid waaaaaaaaay more for it ) for this special piece of Anderson memorabilia. Schedule pick up is Monday ( I will squeeze another post out of it of course ). I would have had it already if it would have fit in my Prius.

Something to look forward to ( for me ), and the past for some ( Pam ).


BrookeAhanaDaily said...

I think it is wonderful to find out that as lovely as Pamela's possessions were/are she decided to purge everything and start fresh (well, sort of -the Tommy Lee thing is odd). The question remains, where was I when the sale went down?

Bonbon Oiseau said...

now that's a cool story...SCORE!

please sir said...

Wow - that is quite crazy, great find though!

Mrs.French said...

Yay you! and yes I completely agree...wash it way more than once! *)

Cheryl said...

I am SoooSOO jealous!! Thanks or visiting & I love your blog.


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