Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've been wanting to make the wrap from the Alabama Stitch Book for a while know, but the circle skirt is turning into a labor intensive piece ( I thought the last skirt was - now I know why Alabama Chanin charges $1400 for it ). So I may have to throw in this quickie project in so I can wear it on the fourth of July. I am torn between using my skulls or Jimi Hendrix. Can someone help me decide?

Alabama Chanin Shawl

My skulls design ( on my daughter Tatum )

My Jimi Hendrix t-shirt

Since I use stencils ( no silk screening ), I can position the image anyway I want. For the skulls my ideas were to position the big skull on it's side so when the wrap is thrown over the shoulder, it would appear in the right direction. The three skulls would be right side up on the other side, and would drape down the front of the chest. Of course I would applique the red flowers on both sides.

As for the Jimi Hendrix, I was going to position him so part of his fro' was cut off, about 3/4's of the image on the side that gets thrown over the shoulder. I am still wondering what else to do with him. I dig the Hendrix...just have a bit of a block on how to finish.

Help me out K?

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