Saturday, July 26, 2008

Close encounters of the Courtney Love kind

This is a true story ( like, really ). The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.
I went to the Colony shopping center today, like I do almost everyday. Although today was a little different. I was going to have a meeting with a friend who occupies a retail space there. We were meeting to discuss the prospects of Revolution Malibu opening up in that retail space - soon. I was very excited as you might imagine. This would mean that Revolution Malibu would be the FIRST ecofriendly lifestyle retail store in Malibu.

I went into Starbucks to get an iced coffee before I headed over to see my friend and as I am waiting for my coffee, in walks Courtney Love. As c-r-a-z-y as she might be, I love HOLE ( her band ) and one of my fave songs is "Malibu" ( a favorite long before I lived here ). I watched her go up to the cash register and make her order. The cashier ( who took her order ) is a friend of my daughter Tatum's ( she used to work at this Starbucks up until a couple of month's ago ) and he is very shy. Courtney proceeds to hand him a $100 bill to pay for her order. He says to her "I'm sorry, we can't take $100 bills, do you have a credit card?" ( for the record, it is corporate policy not to take $100 bills - not even for celebrities ). She starts to get a little testy, not too bad, but she is miffed and answers "No, this is all I have". I watch as the cashier starts to get flustered and sweaty, so I called out to him and said: "Alano, I will pay for it. Don't worry about it. " He's relieved and Courtney is shocked. She comes over to me and thanks me profusely and shakes my hand ( seriously firm grip - like it almost hurt ). I must say, she looked healthy, not drugged out and she was grateful - not to mention very polite.
Now I had to call Tatum and tell her. She and I have this thing about Courtney Love. Tatum is a big indie music buff and CAN'T STAND Courtney Love. She thinks Courtney had Kurt Cobain killed...blah blah blah. Having that conversation with her is like talking politics to my mom. NOT GOOD.
She got a kick out of it though, and so did I. Not to mention the fact that my meeting went really well. Courtney was good energy for me, almost an omen since her song "Malibu" is the theme song for Revolution Malibu.
I like that karma!


Jennifer Ramos said...

that was pretty neat thing to do on your part. : ) Glad she was graceful about it too. Good luck on the retail space thing, that has to be alot of footwork and talking to people etc. But if you look ahead you will do it. : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Mrs.French said...

I wish I lived in a place where I just casually happened to bump into celebrities....

suzannemarques said...

that is the coolest! i have a story to tell you about courtney, but can't post it here! it's a good one :)

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