Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your Malibu vacation begins today!

re-edited July 4th at 5:44 a.m.

I thought it would be fun to take you guys on my "staycation". We're vacationing in our own backyard this holiday weekend. Can you beat the holiday weekend in Malibu? Well, maybe you can but I am still in love with, and in awe of this great little rural town ( yes, it is rural ).

I spent the day getting what I needed to last the weekend. Following the "quintessential beach bunny" program was not as simple as I thought it would be. I went to the local CVS looking for the Bain De Soleil and guess what? They didn't have it! What the hell? I was in shock. Where does Pam get it? CVS is the only drug store in town! Oh well, I went for the next best thing - Hawaiian Tropics. My mom used to use it - which brings back fond memories of when we used to go to Zuma beach on the weeekends as kids ( Come to think of it she used Bain De Soleil too ).

I chose to forgo the expensive version of the make-up essentials Pam uses and bought another classic - Great Lash mascara - waterproof of course. Although Mac is close by, I can't find a way to justify paying the twice the money. Pam get's hers for free so cost is not part of her primping. You go girl.

Everything on my list is checked off. Beach chairs. Check. Rolling cooler. Check. Tequila. Check. You get the picture. Let the party begin!

Welcome to Malibu!

First we stopped at Malibu Country Mart. I needed a pick me up and a grande green tea lemonade combo ( no sweetner ) sounded very refreshing. Window shopping at Shabby Chic, Free City and Juicy Couture. While I was there I saw a bright yellow Lamborghini. Do you think this guy wanted to get noticed or what? Beautiful car. I see outrageously expensive cars here all the time - but they still never lose the "wow" factor.

Starbucks and Juicy ( inside Juicy painted on the wall is "Live To Surf " )

Shabby Chic

Oliver Poples

Pretty Lambo on the way out to sushi...time for cocktails! We'll catch up the morning!

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littlebyRD said...

Thanks for taking us along! It looks like a lot of fun. Malibu is just gorgeous! How fun that you live there.


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