Friday, July 4, 2008

Day two of your Malibu getaway...this should be interesting!

Last night was a blast...and I am so bummed I didn't bring my camera. We were going to go to sushi in Agoura. A new place we've never been to, so I wasn't really interested in documenting what may have been a not so interesting place. We quickly nixed that idea, too tired and the thought of driving over Kanan was a little too much to take on. So we ended up going to our favorite - Zooma Sushi. As much as we love it, we never get out of there for less than $200. It's brutal on the budget. Yet we always have the best time and of course there are always new and interesting people to meet. There are other sushi places in town like Bui Sushi and NOBU - ( the latter is littered with paparazzi because of all of the celebs - same price as Zooma but too pretentious )but we are never satisfied either with the atmosphere or the food.

We met some great young kids who work for this watch company ( they also sell to Fred Segal ). I LOVE this watch and I want one. When I see them on the beach today I will tell you the name and later post a pick. These kids were in their 20's and we were doing shots with them. It was fun!!!

Here's how the morning went...

First I went to How's market in Trancas ( near Zuma Beach ). That's where I get our carne asada. They have the best meat. This carne is better than anything I have ever had - including in Mexico!

Meet the butcher

Yummy carne asada

Starbucks was next for my green tea - lemonade combo. It's important to be hydrated on 4th of July. Primed for the day ahead! I met the cutest local family. Their names are Megan, Steve and their little girl Devon. Megan had the cutest shorts on and I desperately wanted a picture of them - she obliged.

Trancas Starbucks - Mostly locals go here and the celebs who live in Broad Beach. I often see Kate Hudson, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Dillon ( Entourage ), Pierce Brosnan ...

Cute beach family. Megan, Steve and Devon.

Cute shorts...

After this stop I went straight home, we packed the car and headed to Paradise Cove.

Prius is packed and ready to go. I'm not really a girly girl but I do love my pink and white beach cruiser.

We arrive at Tom's and of course the parties are in full swing. Neighbors welcomed us and even gave us a ride down to the beach with all of our stuff in their golf cart. The mode of transportation in Paradise Cove.

That's where we'll be partying today. The view from the top in Paradise Cove.

Surfers were out...

Tom in party mode.


The Sherriff's Department was out in full force today. Mainly because of the paparazzi problems and the brawl from weekend before. When I was in line at Starbucks, I was talking to a local about our plans and we started talking about the paparazzi. He told me that these agencies ( X17, TMZ etc... ) were hiring felons right out of prison and handing them cameras. Pretty scary if it's true - I wouldn't doubt it. Let me tell you the money they could have made if they saw what I saw -Minnie Driver ( she has a house in Paradise Cove right behind Tom ) baring her big belly with an American Flag painted on it! TRUE STORY. The girls ( Tatum, my daughter and her friend Nicky ) and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor. I am glad I didn't have my camera with me ( it was on the beach and we had made a run up to Tom's house for more food ). It would have been VERY tempting. Can you imagine?
Like seriously!

We were lucky ( I say that jokingly ) to be parked next to the guys who beat up the paprazzi last week. I'm no fan of the paparazzi but they don't have to act like idiots either. It just makes us look bad as a whole. Like we we don't know how to raise our kids. PUNKS...but they did play great music. I'll give them that.




Dave and me...these are not the best pics of us but I still feel the obligation to include them - in the name of acurate blgging :)

Tom and the girls

Nicky in her vintage Dior shades . I bought them on Ebay and gave them to Tatum. She in turn gave them to Nicky. I like them on her!

There were hot little beach families everywhere with their beach rats. So tiny and so cute in their wets suits surfing. There were two gals next to us ( with their husbands and other families ), they were natural platinum blond, one was six months pregnant and had the coolest tattoos on her back. She looked hot...smokin'.

After a day of partying, there was a little scare - a fire in Malibu Canyon ( one canyon over from us ). We could see the smoke from the beach. Thank god they got it under control. Last year's fires were traumatizing. We drove through flames to get out. It was horrible.

We went up to Tom's house to get ready to watch the fireworks. Every year Barbara Streisand and Danny De Devito pay for two barges of fireworks and they go off in the ocean in front of Paradise Cove. I heard Laird Hamilton ( Gabby Reece is his wife - they live down the road from us in Latigo Canyon ) kicked in too apparently. Not sure why, Barbara and Danny have plenty of dough. I'm sure I'll get the full story soon.

Wow. That was fun! Partying at the beach is exhauting! Time to go home and see what tomorrow brings! Be safe!

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