Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jagger knows skulls

In my never ending fascination with skulls ( this addiction is going nowhere - every store I walk into in Malibu has them on something ).

I was in heaven when I saw this pic in Elle Magazine a little while ago. When your dad's a rock star, you know how to do skulls. LOVE IT.

I must say, I do love her clothing line Jezebel too. The track jacket especially. Hey if Madonna can pull it off... I may not be an icon, but I can certainly get away with it here...trust me.

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Mrs.French said...

Oh you can totally pull it off. I am loving skulls right now too. Unfortunately I haven't had tons of luck finding stuff for myself. However, B has quite the collection. My favorite are his "spooky skeleton" vans...I probably shouldn't show you because they are way too frightening.


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