Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day three...Much needed rest

Partying really can take a toll on you at any age. Fourties are fun but we pay the price for it!
Today we need rest and some greasy burgers so we can enjoy ourselves on the beach again tomorrow

This is our little hole in the wall burger joint on P.C.H. Yesterday, Dave and the girls ( Tatum and Nicky ) stopped there to get a breakfast burrito and an SUV limo pulls up. Out jumps Bobby Flay in full chef's gear with an assistant. They run into the liquor store and buy five bottles of Controy. I was so jealous I didn't get to see my man Bobby Flay! LOVE HIM. My husband called me immediately to brag of course... That's still didn't beat my Minnie Driver sighting. Not even close.

Right before we ate, we stopped for dog food at the Malibu Feed store. While Dave went in to grab that and some bones for the dogs, I looked around at Oasis next door. I love their stuff but they are outrageously expensive. I got some good ideas

Then we went to Ralph's to grab some fixins for the beach bash tomorrow. While we were there, this kid - like he barely looked old enough to drink and was promptly carded in the grocery store - drove up in this black Ferrari. CRAZY. It shouldn't be legal for a kid that young to drive that kind of a car - let alone purchase one!

I'm worn out. Time to go kick it...we'll check back in with you guys tomorrow.
Get that rest today! You're gonna need it!

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