Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Malibu ( Beach ) Americana

When you are about to tackle 1000 square feet of retail space in Malibu, CA. You need to do something a little different to get the attention pointed in your direction ( aside from pursuing LOTS of press ).

As I have explained in my previous posts, "Boho Hippie" has been done again and again - especially within my city limits, so I knew we had a big job ahead of us if we wanted to set us ( Revolution Malibu ) apart from the rest.

The pictures above gave me the first burst of inspiration ( from House Beautiful a few years back ). The Revolution Malibu logo is red, white and blue ( not intended to be patriotic, but rather inspired by the Fred Segal logo ) so when I saw the skateboard - especially - the ideas started flowing.

I envision our version of "Malibu Americana" to be more ethnic - a tad bit bohemian - but more in the "world traveled" category than the "60's bohemian".

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy's house pictured above ( In Style 2005 )has the ethnic vibe I love too - and in my colors. I love the stencil design on the pillars...

and the beach umbrellas in this picture from Vogue ( again - a few years back )...

Looking for lots more inspiration so please chime in! Two cents is much appreciated!

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bettyninja said...

Fun unique style- I love seeing the photos


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