Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I should own stock in Conde Nast...

I am a magazine whore I tell you. Not in a sexy way either. I know it drives my husband crazy, but he's hoping I have finally found a way to put this information to good use. ( Dave's praying that my blog becomes famous one day and yields the $54,000 payday Perez Hilton get's for ONE DAY ads on his blog ).

I have years and years of great photos ( at least by my standards ) and hopefully most of you haven't seen them, or saw them and forgotten about them, or just plain love them! Here are two photos from my stash, courtesy of Elle magazine - years ago... ( maybe 4 or 5 - dare I say longer ? )
I just love these handmade and hand detailed items. In my mind they will never go out of style and frankly I think they look even better now.


Queen of Tarte said...

I too am a magazine whore...I can't help it...maybe there is a self help group for us!!!

projectecoart said...

Ah yes....if not we should start one :)


Project Ecoart